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Recruit county (city, district) exclusive partnership projectspecification

One, foreword

The environmental protection industry as a state for thenext five emerging industry, ushered in explosive development, governments at all levels attach great importance.

The characteristics of China environmental market is a huge market capacity, many small environmental protectionenterprises, market concentration degree is low, disorder, a serious impact on the healthy development of the cause of environmental protection.

Dean carry a banner, to do the global environment problem solving experts as their responsibility, through market means to integrate the market, make the industry a substantial increase in concentration, determined to become the field of environmental protection "ChinaHuawei".

Dean nationwide recruit counties (city, district) exclusive partners, and partners to witness you I common growth process.

Two, the project background

At present, the national range were carried out "beautifulcountry" construction or called "beautiful country" construction, Xi Jinping president in summing up the promotion of Zhejiang province "1000 village demonstration, million village renovation" experience put forward "to highlight key points, to improve rural production and living conditions in rural areas, garbage and waste water treatment in the two affected the outlook of the rural environment. Work." In May 29, 2014, the general office of the State Council issued the "guidance" on the improvement of rural living environment, "opinions" of the rural township, sewage and garbage disposal made veryclear goal of governance.

Zhejiang province after carrying out the "model village of 1000, 10000 village -" after this year, comprehensively promote the "five water co governance", which is a strong demonstration effect on the nation produces.

Zhejiang De'an Polytron Technologies Inc in its 21 years of accumulation, in 80 a number of invention patents and 200utility patents for a number of technical support, in ruraland township sewage treatment, garbage disposal, citywater environmental governance, the governance of industrial zero discharge of sewage, water reuse and other aspects right way to implement governance mode withecological civilization the.

Three, together with partners to develop a win-win situation

Win win is the premise of dean in cooperation with partners.Dean to create a platform for partners enjoy the show.

1, give you two right

(1), give you a county (city, district) exclusive rights.

General in the national scope of a county (city, district) you to take ten million environmental project orders, there will be more than 1000000 of the net profit to you. If you havecapital to participate in the project operation, you will gain more profits.

(2), the development of the right to receive dividends

You have the right to develop four new partners in the national scope, and guide your development partners likeyou do, you will get more than 1000000 of the year awardfrom the dean.

As long as you develop 4 County, let them do the market,so that they each like you also go to the development of the 4 counties, the effective sales this line through yourdevelopment generated by your development, 4 newpartners, you will gain the Dean company surprises awards!

Assume that each county market each year effective sales5000000 yuan

2, you only do two things

First, find the project. Second, do a good job in public relations.

The rest, services including technology, business,production and installation, service and other aspects byDean package for you, let you easily and steadily make money.

Welcome you visit Dean group field trips and exchange!You only need to spend on transportation costs, otheraccommodation costs borne by the dean group.

For more details, you can call our business hotline: 13905745989 (Yu Xiansheng); Browse Dean Group official website: www.chinadean.com;

The addition of micro signal: 13905745989

E-mail: yjd@chinadean.com

Attached: investment cooperation about join Deanrequirements:

The 1, want to be engaged in the environmental protection industry rich;

2, in the local influential connections;

3, individuals or units have some funds for activities, but do not need to have the operation funds.