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The old 2014, year 2015, Dean group set sail in the marine environment twenty-two years. The review has been go time, quite have the feeling, feeling the past living in chaos,now suddenly the rest of my life, I will make one last go to all lengths of hard work, dedicated to create a transnational group of Companies in the field of ecological environmentof world-class leading companies, the realization of "Deanhas become a global environmental problem solvingexperts" dream, for the improve the global environmentcontribution strength.

In the new year, we will to the society from all walks of life to join investment, vigorously develop the partner in front, be conscientious and do one's best exploit new market supportenvironmental protection, looking forward to more customers and colleagues, we will be together, to achieve a win-win situation with you, get great progress together, forour national rejuvenation and strong motherlandcontribution strength!

Looked up, the global environment problems, this is ourresponsibility and challenge, but also the development ofour opportunities, we not only want to learn their successful experience of predecessors leading towards the world, we must humbly to the global leading companies learn from their advanced technology and management, we have tosacrifice our rest, leisure time, and and family reunion time,round the clock, and constantly fighting, carve, catch andnarrowing the gap with their. Let us represent Chinese in global ecological field,, with strong national forest, enjoy the equal right of discourse and a seat on the survival of and world class company. We believe, we are the best; we believe, our goal must be achieved.