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Operating purposes: for the benefit of mankind

Business philosophy: to de the world

Enterprise mission: to purify the environment, global services

Enterprise vision: become a global environmental problem solving experts

Dean target: 20 years of struggle, become a world-classenvironment purification leading enterprises

Guiding ideology: "the oath" De'an self-confidence

Dean vows: as long as we have a dream, we will be able to achieve!

Dean motto: talk less, to read more, think more, morepractical

Management idea: build, build product manager

Enterprise spirit: for the benefit of others, go to all lengths,harmony, honesty, gratitude, realistic and innovative

Educational objectives: to build a generation ofmanagement master, a long feat

Dean four people: goals, beliefs, knowledge andenthusiasm

The basic requirements of de people: style, calmappearance Gong, neither overbearing nor servile,dignified, smile

Humility, patience is meticulous, discourse reasoning, go all out, striving for the top

The cooperative principle: do not harm others, common development

The principle of competition: do not belittle the peers, self transcendence

The idea of work work much more benefit

(W: the performance of the work, F: personal ability, S:working time, and the direction and the mentality.)

Learning: learning is the most valuable investment

The concept of development: the overall development,down to the development and sustainable development

Values: customer orientation, continuous innovation,integrity

The principle of credit: around, is selling credit

Quality policy: do it right the first time, customer satisfaction

Communication principle: the good news to; turn bad to stay, let us improve it, better customer service!